Data Center Transformer Market

In this electronic age, storage, back-up and retrieval of data is invaluable. From megabytes to terabytes, saving information securely is a basic requirement. Data Centers area popular solution. Providing ample space and service to house volumes of electronic information. In order to maintain consistent, reliable service, they rely on a consistent reliable source of power. Virginia Transformer is that source.

Using nearly 40 years of experience and expertise, VTC has the know-how to manufacture around the clock, reliable power that will last for decades.

Meeting the requirements of the application is the first consideration. All aspects of the transformer are given full, thorough analysis. Everything from size restrictions, electrical impulses, to expectations of everyday service of the unit. While there is a library of designs to pull from, every project is customized accordingly. VTC maintains a rigid standard of quality throughout the process.

Simply put, our engineers and designers will develop the best transformer for the job with the best quality, and the very best service.


NASA (Ames Research Center)
(2) 15 MVA, 125.6 kV, LTC
Johnson & Johnson
(2) 15 MVA 26.4kV, Mineral Oil
(2) 22 MVA 138 kV, LTC
(2) 15 MVA, 138 kV, LTC
(2) 10 MVA, 26.4 kV, FR3
(2) 10 MVA, 46 kV, LTC & FR3
Goldman Sachs
(2) 20 MVA, 26.4 kV, Beta Fluid
Bear Stearns
(2) 16 MVA, 34.5 kV, LTC & Silicone
AT & T
7.5 MVA, 34.5 kV, LTC
(2) 15 MVA, 34.5 kV, LTC & Beta Fluid
JP Morgan Chase
(2) 20 MVA, 26.4 kV, Mineral Oil
AT & T
12 MVA, 26.4 kV, Mineral Oil
AT & T
(2) 20 MVA, 24.9 kV, Mineral OIl