Future of Virginia Transformer

“A lot of companies get bigger…but very few get bigger AND better.”
  • Increased automation and error-free manufacturing processes
  • Higher levels of productivity, with shorter production lead times
  • An expanded customer base, and enhanced presence in the power transformer industry
  • Larger unit ratings
  • Shorter lead times, increased efficiency, lower costs

…and those are just a few of our current goals as a company. The culture at Virginia Transformer is one of continuous development. VT is a company that has managed to maintain an incredible level of growth, expansion, and improvement over the past two decades (and now we plan to reproduce that same level of growth within just two years – our current corporate goal is “2012 2X”, that is, doubling the amount of business we do between 2010 and 2012). While increasing the size range of its product line tenfold, VT has simultaneously expanded geographically – acquiring, and then completely refurbishing, two additional manufacturing facilities in North America; expanded its personnel base and raised the level of expertise among its employees; acquired extensive new, more efficient testing equipment, and substantially increased plant automation while instituting more detailed quality control processes; developed and implemented ongoing training programs for all employees in all areas of corporate operations – design, manufacturing, sales, purchasing, accounting, human resources; substantially increased its presence in a number of markets (wind power, transit, and marine/offshore, just to name a few); continued to develop new and innovative designs for power transformers.

And if that weren’t enough, over the past five years, we have completely revamped our field service departments, enabling us to respond more efficiently to any customer requests for assistance. This change is concretely reflected in a chart that very dramatically shows the vast reduction in service problems that has taken place over just the past two years.

VT has been in the forefront of power transmission and distribution for alternative energy projects, especially in the area of wind power, where we have been involved in special projects for BP Wind and UPC Wind. The challenge to increase energy efficiency, operate in an environmentally friendly manner, and create innovative equipment designs is one that we have welcomed and will continue to embrace.

Development projects are continuously present in all three of our facilities. We continue to perfect the sophisticated computer design programs that we’ve developed over the past several years. All designs are run through a number of optimization formulas, thereby enabling us to quickly produce the most cost-efficient, energy-efficient design possible to meet a customer’s stated needs. Model testing, that allows alteration of parameters and actual voltage applications, is now used extensively in all three plants. Automation, such as robotic welding equipment and computer-guided core cutting machines, steadily decreases our production time, while reducing both costs and errors. Our design library – over 10,000 designs on archive – continues to grow. The entire corporation operates under ISO-9001 standards, and we work continuously to improve processes in every department of operations. Training and educational programs for new and current employees are continually being developed and implemented.

The drive and commitment to excellence at Virginia Transformer is unmatched anywhere else – which explains why our company has grown substantially faster over the past decade than any other power transformer manufacturer in North America. We have made countless innovations and improvements in every aspect of our corporate operations, and we will continue to do so. Our commitment to both growth and improvement is unshakeable.

“We’re twice as good as we used to be…but only half as good as we plan to be.”