Virginia Transformer has over three decades of experience in the custom design and manufacturing of power transformers. And that experience extends across every conceivable market – utility, industrial, commercial, alternative energy, marine/offshore, transit, data centers. Anywhere that electrical power needs to be generated, transmitted, or distributed, you’ll find VT transformers in operation. We offer solutions for the widest range of markets and applications of any power transformer company in North America. Whatever your particular needs are, we can supply the perfect power transformer to meet them.


VT is “an engineering company that makes transformers”. Over half of the office staff in our headquarters facility in Roanoke, Virginia are engineers, many of them with multiple or Masters level degrees in electrical and/or mechanical engineering. Each of our facilities houses its own expert engineering staff. And we have engineers operating in all levels of our corporation – design, sales, and manufacturing. Additionally, there is an engineering development group at our headquarters office continually working to perfect our designs and processes. All our plant workers go through a rigorous and extensive training program that continues throughout their careers at VT. Ongoing training is designed to enhance and expand the skills of each employee. All of our facilities are ISO 9001 certified, and operate under the most demanding quality assurance processes.


The history of Virginia Transformer is one of custom transformer designing. VT began manufacturing transformers for the mining industry, and these liquid-filled and dry type transformers had to be designed to meet very low profile construction standards and to operate reliably in extremely harsh, high-temperature environments. The knowledge gained from these early projects guided Virginia Transformer in the development of numerous important design innovations, such as our UNICLAD system – vastly superior to traditional cast coil transformers in terms of efficiency, reliability, and cost - that remains the benchmark in the industry for dry type transformers used in applications involving high temperature or humidity, harsh or contaminated conditions, and short circuit and impact overloading. As our product line expanded to include designs from 300 kVA to 100 MVA, 900 BIL, we have continued to produce innovative solutions for dozens of power transformer applications. At this point in time, our ever-growing archive contains over 10,000 designs on file for our engineers to work from in developing the best possible transformer to meet your specific needs.

Our experience, expertise, and innovation continue to expand and develop, along with the breadth of our product range. In recent years, VT has moved to the forefront of transformer design for alternative energy projects, and we have become the manufacturer of choice for numerous wind farm projects. We work continually to improve the efficiency of our processes through such actions as implementing the use welding robots in our facilities, a measure that improves quality while reducing costs. Training for all of our employees is ongoing, offering more and more opportunities for employees to increase their knowledge and maximize their skills. Virginia Transformer remains committed to providing comprehensive solutions for all your power needs, with the shortest lead times in the industry, and the highest quality and reliability available anywhere.

Why choose VT? – Why would you want to choose anything less than the best?

VT’s POWER Value Proposition

P – Proven Results

through continuous improvements in processes, people, automation, and quality standards

O – “One Stop Shop”

for all your power transformer needs

W - World Class

serving a global marketplace

E - Engineering Professionals

manufacturing transformers

R - Reliable

Shortest lead times; lowest cost; technical support