Using The
Power Of The
20% Wind Energy By 2030
A report by the U.S. Department of Energy, concludes that the U.S. possesses suffcient and affordable wind resources to obtain at least 20% of its electricity from wind. No technological breakthroughs are required and the costs would be modest. Achieving the 20% wind vision will dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce electricity costs, foster long-term price stability, promote our energy security and support hundreds of thousands of new American jobs.
For nearly 40 years VTC has been making custom-built power transformers. Our history in specialty design laid the foundation for a solid engineering based company specializing in transformer and reactor solutions for industrial, commercial and utility applications. The NEW Virginina Transformer now operates 3 manufacturing facilities in North America to service our global markets. Our success comes not only through our dedication to producing a top quality product, but equally through innovations in our processes driving us to the forefront of our market. Today, the demand for cleaner, green energy and alternative sources of power shifts our focus to developing solutions and new applications through engineering and design of our full product range.

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