VTC, More Power! Don’t just fix it, make it BETTER
Virginia Transformer recently improved test Virginia Transformer recently shipped an 85 MVA
capabilities at it’s Pocatello plant with the 3 Phase 13.kV Voltage Regulator for Alcoa Intalco
installation and commisioning of a new motor Aluminum in Washington state. VTC completed
generator set (650 KVA 180 Hz, 480 volts). It repairs on this transformer and installed a
was successfully tested on a 100 MVA 230/69 KV Reinhausen RMV II load tap changer. This
transformer for induced overvoltage with partial unit was originally manufactured by General
discharge measurement with 100% loading Electric in 1965. Very few companies have the
success. With this new installation, VTCU is now technology to perform this type of work on a
fully equipped to test 250 MVA 230 KV class unit such as this.
transformers and does not need a reactor to
compensate current. Powering AND Monitoring Pipelines
Image_1 Image_4
Recently VTC completed a project that included
four units that were 15 MVA, 16 KV. These units
were for a driver plant for Atlas Pipeline.
What’s more noteworthy, these units were
the first units used in a pipeline project to be
Image_2 equipped with VTC’s monitoring device, VCM.
This module will allow monitoring on-site or
from a remote location. VTC is in the process of
developing next generations of this device that
will provide even more options for monitoring,
analyizing and diagnostics for transformers to
prolong the life of the unit.

Additionally, An Air Pallet System was recently VTC Hosts it’s Annual Rep Conference
installed. This system allows moving a unit Virginia Transformer again hosted it’s annual
through the plant much easier without needing Rep Conference in October. The event was
a crane. held in Roanoke, VA and was attended
Image_3 by many of our sales representatives. It
was an opportunity to visit with some
folks from far away, but also to relay some
useful information related to VTC and the
transformer industry. The event was a big
success and included some informative topics
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