Virginia Transformer to Introduce the First Ever
“Intelligent Transformer”

Roanoke, VA – Sept. 6, 2013

Summary: Virginia Transformer is revolutionizing the protection of Class II Power Transformers. The Company is introducing a Power Transformer that contains an integrated Intelligent Module, VCM3, to both monitor and record critical daily operational parameters, with the added ability to communicate wirelessly to PC’s and Smart Phone/Tablet devices with real-time alerts, updates, and performance information. The VCM3 also provides recommendations to the owner that will extend and protect the Life of the Transformer beyond its’ normal range. Imagine being able to have a “conversation” with your transformer and take preventative actions before catastrophic and costly downtime events occur. “No one likes their lights to go off unexpectedly” said Prab Jain, President of Virginia Transformer.

VCM3, the brain of the “Intelligent Transformer” provides not only real-time operational data, but also the ability to see historical information graphically throughout the life of the Transformer instantly on your Smart Device, anytime, anywhere, with internet connectively. “It definitely would reduce my stress level” said one of Virginia Transformer’s clients.

Transformers were invented more than 100 years ago, but this is truly the first time for an “Intelligent Transformer” that can actually communicate with the outside world.

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Q: How is the transformer protected in case the SPR function is not operating due to the failure of the pressure sensor?

A: There are four (4) levels of protection provided in the VCM 3

  1. The Solid-State sensors used are the finest quality. Using technology with a 50 year history, these sensors are made with a semiconductor quality control system similar to phones and TV’s.
  2. If the PLC is not receiving a signal from any sensor for any reason, the VCM3 displays an error message on the local screen and on the remote monitoring that the sensor is disconnected. An inactive Sensor Alarm is also activated. (All sensors can be changed without draining oil)
  3. In the event the VCM3 fails to show the Sensor Failed Alarm, the transformer is still protected by the mechanical Pressure Relief Device (PRD)) set to open at 10 PSI.
  4. In the event of a sudden pressure build from gas generation, the sudden pressure relay will latch. This event will be registered by the Dissolved Gas Sensor and an alarm of condition 1, 2, 3, 4 (depending on the amount of gasses) is displayed on the monitor sent via SCADA.

Q: Can we use VCM3 , when a customer is asking for UL rated transformer?

A: Yes, we should use VCM3 on UL listed transformers. All the components used in VCM3 are UL listed, so the VCM3 complies for UL listed transformers.